Plants on Plates

Let the plant based goodness in

Vegan Food Supply Specialists

Plants on Plates



Sourcing, marketing and distributing quality vegan food from plant to plate.

How do we do it?





Finding the highest quality vegan food products is what we do.

We love to collect all the best plant based options and present them to the world in one convenient space.

Each of our incredible suppliers trains us as if we were one of their own.

This means we can educate and sell to our client's with confidence that the product gets the attention it deserves.

Reaching new customers, extending our active network and driving great products into new hands is at our core.

We actively seek out and create new relationships in the food service and hospitality industry.

With the backing of great suppliers and incredible products we create high value, lasting relationships.

Ambient, chilled and frozen.

This is our truest skill.

We manage our own cold storage in the East City of Cape Town. From this distribution center we coordinate a wide range of cold chain deliveries throughout the Cape Region.